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Kady Portrait Lifestyle session

Another very successful portrait session with the beautiful and talented Kady. Kady is a model and social influencer. She is modeling clothes from her own collection. We shot locally which was more than convenient for me, however we're planning…
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Cheapest Sydney Harbour Cruise – Sydney to Manly ferry

If you want to cheapest Sydney Harbour cruise you don't go to a travel agent. You use your Opal card; and if you do it on a Sunday, you can make as many trips as you want and it will only cost you $2.60 for the entire day. I think that is…
photography courses sydney
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How to take pictures in manual mode

Knowing how to take pictures in manual mode is one of the fundamentals of photography. I would recommend that to anyone who owns a proper camera. It will help you understand the process and as you'll see from the practical guide below, it is…
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When do I take pictures in manual mode

I am not a manual mode photographer. There I said it. For many people, being a professional photographer is synonymous with shooting in manual mode. For some people a professional photographer should only take pictures in manual mode. That view…
exposure x3 vs lightroom

Migrating from Lightroom to Exposure X3 from Alien Skin

I've been using Lightroom since the version 1.4 became available. That's probably about 10 years ago. I've been a subscriber to Adobe Creative Cloud service for photographers, which has Lightroom and Photoshop for about $15 a month. I am still…
Cape banks and La Perouse walk
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La Perouse and Cape Banks Botany Bay walk

I am starting to like these weekend walks. They are really pleasant and the views are spectacular. The walk we did on Saturday was the La Perouse Botany Bay walk. Cape Banks circuit. I think the reason I was not too keen on these walks before…
Fujifilm X-T2

How to prepare for a photography workshop

I run photography workshops so yes, this is a self promoting blog post, but I think for anyone planning to attend mine or any other photography workshop the info can be of value. Dust off your camera a week before the workshop and take pictures…

Hunter Valley and Wollombi

Last weekend we decided to go on a little trip to the Hunter region, about 2 hours drive up north from Sydney. We've been there many times before, and winter is really not the best time to go, but we had to do something with our weekend. It's…
Canon to fujifilm x mount adapter
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Canon to Fujifilm X-mount adapter

Fujifilm doesn't have big glass. I think that's pretty much common knowledge, cited often as a "deal breaker" by Canon or Nikon users. I think its a very fair criticism and as usual, the harshest critics are those shooting with kit lenses, but…
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Camellia gardens

It pays to network, I have to admit. I had a chat with a hair and makeup artist I worked with on a beauty shoot we did a couple of weeks ago, and we got on a topic of shooting locations. I am always on a lookout for those, as shooting at…
Fujifilm X-t2
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Disable Shutter Speed Dial on X-T2

I find it a little annoying that the shutter speed gets bumped almost every time I shoot. The back dial is so soft, that it's very easy to change the shutter speed without realising it. The main value is set on the top dial, which can be locked,…
Fujifilm x-t2
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Does the X-T2 need a touch screen?

I've seen comments on you tube complaining about the fact that the Fujifilm X-t2 has no touch screen. Some of these comments are very critical to the extent that people reject the camera outright because of lack of touch screen. I'm beginning…