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Moszna Castle in Upper Silesian Region

About 100 kilometers from Wroclas lies a small village of Moszna. There is very little to say about the village itself, however, the castle located in that small village is something worth writing about. It is one of the most beautiful castles in Europe

The drive to Moszna is very easy from Wroclaw. It’s about 100km south. Freeway all the way, so we arrived there early in the morning. There was some sort of local holiday, so we were able to enter the Moszna Castle grounds and gardens for free. We still had to buy a ticket to see the castle fr0m the inside.

The garden surrounding the castle is magnificent. I would not mind having a backyard like that. Hectares of lush green vegetation. Trees, ponds, little bridges. It was actually very charming. We spent at least an hour walking around and enjoying the cool that the garden provided. The temperature that day was well over 30 Deg. It doesn’t sound like much, but for central Europe, it’s pretty high.

The tour of the Moszna Castle was actually a little disappointing. They only showed us a handful of rooms that are available for tourists to see. They were impressive, well maintained and beautifully decorated, but there were just a few of them and the castle must have had more to offer. In fact, there are 365 rooms in Moszna Castle. I guess you can stay in a separate room every day of the year. Some of the rooms, however, were not as comfortable as the others. Another interesting feature of the castle are the 99 towers. Why 99 you may ask, why not just round it up to 100… Well, there is a good reason for it. Had the castle boasted 100 towers the owners would be have been required to have their own army. Which would have been quite expensive. With 99, they could rely on the regular, state army’s protection.

The castle in Moszna was the residence of a Silesian Tiele-Winckler family, who were industrial magnates, from 1866 until the spring of 1945 when they were forced to flee to Germany when the castle was temporarily occupied by the Red Army. After World War II the castle did not have a permanent owner and was the home of various institutions until 1972. Nowadays it can be visited by tourists and its grounds are used by locals for festivals and concerts.

The castle is well worth a visit. We had fun. Took a few pictures too.

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