A software engineer, a photographer, and quite recently an avid golfer. I left my office job after almost 18 years in the same company. I wanted to see if there is more to life than work, sleep, and the occasional holiday.

I wanted more time to do things that interested me. Things I never had time for when I was employed full time. I have no problem filling the extra time I gained every day, filling the missing salary may be more challenging.

I also needed to change my lifestyle; from the sedentary daily routine that made me unfit and unhealthy, to a more active one.

I plan to make at least 10,000 steps a day, lose 15kg of weight, become a scratch golfer, and more importantly get to the bottom of “42”.

This is my personal blog. I want to use this to manage my photography, the workshops, and hopefully document progress in my goals. I’m just writing this in case someone finds this blog and wants to know who the hell this Jay person is… 🙂