Photography workshops


Do you want to learn photography with me?

I’ve been running private photography workshops for a few years and I really enjoy them. I think I like teaching as much as I like taking pictures.

Check my Instagram feed at the bottom of this page and if you like my style and want to learn with me, send me an email.

Workshop types:

  • Photography and camera fundamentals
  • Learn portrait photography
  • Learn boudoir photography
  • Learn landscape and night photography
  • Learn about light and composition
  • Flash photography with on and off-camera flash, or studio strobes


  • $90 an hour with 2 hours minimum

You can book me for a couple of hours, or the whole day.

If you want me to find a model for the shoot, I’m happy to do that too. Their prices will vary, depending on the type of the shoot and experience, but as a guide, expect the following

  • Model for portrait shoot – $30 and hour
  • Model for boudoir shoot – $50 an hour


My workshops are suitable to anyone from beginners to semi professional photographers.

If you have an area of photography you’d like to learn or improve on, I’d be happy to show you what I know. The most popular workshops apart from the camera basics are portraits with a model. I will organise a model for the shoot and show you how I interact with them. How I direct them to achieve the portraits that I like.

I like working with people, so portraiture is my favorite type of photography, however, I’m happy to cover any type of photography and any type of camera equipment. I have shot portraits, boudoir, families, newborns and weddings. If you’re interested in any of those and want me to concentrate on these types, I’d be happy to do that too.

Personally, I shoot with Canon 5Dmk3 and with Fujifilm X-T2. I shoot with their professional lenses and their flashes. I also shoot with off camera flash equipment using strobes and radio triggers from third party manufacturers.

I’m also familiar with practically any new camera equipment. Once you know the fundamentals of photography, it makes very little difference what tools you use to create great images. In fact, I’m not focused on the gear at all, beyond actually knowing how to operate it.

Photography is about light, composition, posing and expressions. What you use to capture these is not really relevant. Any camera from the last 10 years is technically more advanced that those used by Cartier Bresson or Ansel Adams and their work hangs in galleries around the world. Think about it, before you fork out a few grand on this new piece of glass or flash.

If you’re interested in a workshop session with me, send me an email. Let me know what type of workshop you want to do, how many hours and whether you will need a model. And we’ll take it from there.