National Cherry Festival - Young
cherry picking young nsw


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Mermaid Pools – Tahmoor

hiking mermaid pools tahmoor

I’m starting to enjoy the walking. I didn’t think I would; it always seemed to a bit mundane to me. I guess, walking around a block a few times would be mundane, but add a great location and suddenly the walks make sense. That is what I felt at Mermaid Pools in Tahmoor. This is not […]

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Little Beach Bombi Moor and Mt Bouddi Circuit Track

Note to self: When the name of the track contains the work Mount – be prepared to do some climbing. 102 floors, to be precise, according to my fitness tracking gizmo. Little Beach Bombi Moor and Mt Bouddi Circuit Track was not a walk in the park, but it was probably the best hike I’ve […]

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Golf by Feel – bouncing a ball on a wedge

bounce a golf ball on wedge

Being a cynical person that I am, seeing people bounce a ball on a golf club never really impressed me much. I always thought it was a pointless trick. You can see it everywhere, even Tiger Woods did that at his golf clinic. Any video about a new golf prodigy will have him or her […]


Golf By Feel – My method to learn golf

play golf by feel

I am having great results with this new method I’m developing. I rejected the standard golf pro approach to teaching golf a couple of months ago. Since then I’m practicing on my own, learning golf the same way I learned tennis, table tennis, badminton. Golf by feel I call it. To me, the standard lessons […]

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What golf clubs should I get

What golf clubs should I get

What golf clubs should I get? When I first became serious about golf, about 6 months ago, I dusted off my old clubs I had in the garage. I bought them off ebay about 8 years ago, but I only played them a couple of times before I lost interest in the game. They looked […]