Actors headshots Sydney

Browse the headshots images in the portfolio to make sure you like the style, and if you do,  get in touch. Actors headshots can be shot in the studio, on location or a combination of both. Actors headshot is a tool to get noticed by casting agents and art directors. I will help you sharpen that tool and get the best out of you.

A successful actor headshot doesn’t just make you look good; it also showcases your individual talent and personality. In our studio I will let you be yourself, or any character you choose to be. In a very relaxed and unhurried atmosphere I’ll give you space to create your own image, your best pose; and I’ll make sure to capture it in the best possible light.
We’ll guide you with your posing and we’ll help you with your expressions. I shoot directly into a computer screen and I’ll sit down with you to analyse the images with you and help you choose the best ones on the spot.

Online Dating Photography

Let’s face it. It doesn’t really matter what you write in your dating profile; if your pictures suck, no one will stop to read about your personality. Come for a quick 30 min or a longer session and improve your chances at online dating in Sydney. The images are shot professionally, but retain a casual feel. Retouching is available, but for authenticity sake, I would not go overboard with that.

Dating Site Photos

Online dating photography portfolio is meant to be a photographic story about you. Not only showing you in the best possible light, but also showing the world who you really are. We’ll capture you doing things that ‘describe’ you. We’ll photograph you playing football, if that’s what you like. We’ll shoot you in your familiar environment in a documentary, editorial photographic style.  When we take your dating site photos we will help you to be as relaxed and as genuine as possible. We will not rush you to fake cheesy smiles; we will guide you from a photographic point of view, to make sure we capture you in the best light, but the personality will be all yours.

Online Dating Headshots

I am an online dating photographer in Sydney who helped quite a few people look their best on their profiles. In most cases looking good in dating pictures is not much more than taking it in good light. As a professional photographer it is my job to find the best light and position you in it. All you have to do it is forget that you’re being photographed so that your expressions are real and you look natural. Easy peasy.


Boudoir Photography Sydney

Boudoir and glamour photography

If you’re reading this paragraph about Boudoir Photography then you must be at least curious. Or maybe you were sent to my page by one of my previous clients. If you are interested in a Boudoir photography session and like my work, then get in touch with me for more info. You can find out my pricing and additional information about the experience on the Services page.

My glamour and boudoir session can be shot in different locations, including your own home. And there is no hard sell of the images; you either love your pictures or you don’t buy. Simple as that.

Corporate headshots Sydney

LinkedIn photos

Everybody needs a good LinkedIn profile picture. For Facebook you may get away with just a selfie, but for LinkedIn, you want to look more professional. Well, if you are a famous fashion blogger or a celebrity, you may actually get away with a selfie, but for the rest of us, a good linkedin photo can make all the difference.

Corporate headshots in your office

If you want to update headshots of your employees, we will come to you. We will bring our ‘studio’ to your office and can photograph your crew with as little disruption to your work as possible. A corporate headshot session will be around 10-15 min each.

Corporate branding

If you’re changing the look of your brand, need fresh images for your annual report or to update your webpage, contact me and lets get to work. I will help you realise your vision with environmental portraits, headshots and editorial images.


Photography courses – Sydney

Private photography workshops

Learn how to control your camera; how to shoot in manual mode; how to create better composed images. This private photography workshop has a standard format and will go over topics like shooting in manual mode, controlling depth-of-field with aperture, capturing motion with appropriate shutter speed. Photography workshops are great for complete beginners to learn the fundamentals of photography.

Private photography lessons

If you are no longer a beginner and wish to expand your knowledge in particualr type of photography, you can customise this workshop to suit your needs. Book a photography lesson to discuss advanced topics like lighting, composition, studio strobes, etc. In this photography workshop you can gain first hand knowledge from a practicing photographer about family photography, children photography, weddings, portraits or events photography. Learn from someone who does it professionally and loves to share his knowledge.

Children photography lessons

Most of our students are mums or dads who bought an SLR camera to take pictures of their new-borns and document their lives in pictures. They were sold the idea that they needed a big digital SLR camera to produce great images of their kids, which I am inclined to agree with, however, what they were not told is that unless they know how to operate it properly, they will never be able to produce great images with it. Using a powerful SLR camera in full automatic mode will produce no better images than a smartphone.

Fundamentals of photography courses

This is where I teach how to operate a camera in fully manual mode. And here is where you realise that it’s actually not that hard. I don’t shoot in manual mode all the time, in fact, I usually shoot in Aperture Priority, but I know how and that makes all the difference. After this photography course you will be able to pick up any camera, even old film camera and shoot with confidence and achieve great results.

Night photography workshop

There are so many great spots in Sydney to shoot at night. I’ll teach you how to take those pictures using your camera in manual mode. In this photography course we’ll discuss the fundamentals of photography but also tips and tricks that will help you get great night images of our city at night.