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My goal to make 10,000 steps a day

About 6 months ago I decided to change my lifestyle. A visit to a doctor showed results of sedentary lifestyle and lack of fitness. My weight was almost 100kg and my blood sugar was very high.

I knew that I needed to lose weight for months. And I tried to lose weight for months. By trying I mean drinking apple cider vinegar or eating some green coffee beans from South America we bought at iHerb. Apparently a miracle cure for laziness and fatness. I also tried some asian tea designed to make you lose weight. I tried a few ‘miracle’ recipes to lose weight but of course none worked.

A more drastic change was needed. A complete lifestyle change.

I read somewhere that a healthy body needs 10,000 steps every day. I thought I easily do that during the day. I didn’t!  To find out how many I really did I bought the Samsung GearFit and wore it on my wrist for a few days. I was not doing 10,000 steps. I was lucky to do 3000 on some busy days, but when I spent most time in front of the computer or on the couch I manged to do about 1000 steps. That’s pretty much the minimum that you get if you don’t do anything at all. That’s a few trips to the bathroom and a few trips to the fridge. That’s all.

I had to do more steps… I just knew that just walking will not do. I get melancholic when I do something that is mundane, repetitive, boring and makes logically little sense. I mean, what sense does it make to walk somewhere to then just come back. Why did I go there?, What did I have to do where I went? I am a pragmatist by nature and walking aimlessly made no sense to me.

Sunset – best time to be on a golf course

I had to find something that would help me get off my lazy ass and actually do these steps. Golf seemed like a great idea. You don’t just walk aimlessly for hours. You get to hit a ball every now and then. Whacking something while you walk is much more interesting that just walking alone. Plus it’s really soothing to be surrounded by greenery. Golf is also a sport that can be played when I’m older, so this is in a way an investment in my future.

I played a few times years ago, but never really got into it as I was never really good. However, this time I had a different reason to play golf. The course is usually about 5km long. That alone is close to 10,000 steps. Knowing that I never hit a ball straight and usually spend a few minutes every time walking around the fairways looking for it, I knew that I only needed about 9 holes to get the 10,000 steps.

That is how I started with golf and I’ve been enjoying playing that sport more and more. And getting 10,000 steps is actually no issue anymore. I usually make 15,000 or more. Most of them on the golf course, but I started to go to the beach for a walk. It’s really therapeutic.

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