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Can professional photographers shoot in aperture priority?

This is a subject that comes up in many conversations among photographers. Amateurs often ask professionals if it's ok to shoot in Aperture Priority mode instead of fully manual mode. In fact, it's almost controversial for a pro photographer…

Adobe Lightroom, Exposure X6 or Capture One for image processing

Every photographer out there is using one of these three applications. Adobe Lightroom is probably the most popular among them, but Capture One is also widely used especially among the most serious of photographers. There is also this Exposure…

Best Korean bbq in Strathfield?

I live in the area, but for some reason, I've never been to a Korean BBQ restaurant in Strathfield. I've been to a Korean BBQ, but not in Strathfield. It was Chatswood, and it was a few years ago. It was actually quite a drive to get there,…

Raczyński Palace in Rogalin – August 2019

The Raczynski Palace in Rogalin was the first stop on a very busy day schedule which included Gniezno as well as the Archeological Museum in Biskupin. I didn't know anything about the palace apart from the fact that it was listed in the top…

My golf swing still sucks

Here I was thinking that I am improving my golf swing, and then I videoed my swing, and depression set in. My golf swing is still as bad as it was months or even years ago. I am able to hit the ball better, and on a good day I am able to shoot…


Boudoir Photography Hanoi Saigon