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Ahearn Lookout over Nattai River Valley

Nattai National Park is located about 100 km South West of Sydney. Near the town of Mittagong. The drive to the park was pretty easy, mostly freeway. The last 5 km was via a dirt road, but the road is well maintained and we had no issue with arriving at the Park. Our goal was to hike […]

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Mermaid Pools – Tahmoor

I’m starting to enjoy the walking. I didn’t think I would; it always seemed to a bit mundane to me. I guess, walking around a block a few times would be mundane, but add a great location and suddenly the walks make sense. That is what I felt at Mermaid Pools in Tahmoor. This is not […]


Golf By Feel – My method to learn golf

I am having great results with this new method I’m developing. I rejected the standard golf pro approach to teaching golf a couple of months ago. Since then I’m practicing on my own, learning golf the same way I learned tennis, table tennis, badminton. Golf by feel I call it. To me, the standard lessons […]

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What golf clubs should I get

What golf clubs should I get? When I first became serious about golf, about 6 months ago, I dusted off my old clubs I had in the garage. I bought them off ebay about 8 years ago, but I only played them a couple of times before I lost interest in the game. They looked […]


Invite a guest to play the Masters at Augusta

It’s one of the perks of playing this year’s Masters championship, or being one of the former champions. On a Sunday before the championship starts you can bring a guest to play the Augusta course. I can only imagine the thrill they would feel playing this legendary golf course. Apart from the members there is […]


US Masters – test of my commitment to golf

The US Masters 2018 are on this week. Only 3 days to go. I will use it as a simple test of my commitment to the game of golf. Well,  it’s not really a test of my commitment to the game itself, but rather to the idea of watching others play it. Our chanel 9 […]