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The Process


For the shoot you may want to rent a hotel room, shoot in your own home and bedroom or come to my home studio. If you’re planning to visit Sydney, you can combine it with a boudoir shoot in your hotel room.

Hair and Makeup

Let yourself be pampered for the night. Hair and makeup will not only make you look more beautiful, you will also look more confident in pictures. You can arrange your own HMUA or we can organise one for you. Makeup usually $100, with hair $150

The Shoot

The shoot will take around 2 hours. We will try different outfits, different poses and we’ll have a lot of fun. Bring at least 3-4 different outfits, and don’t forget your high heels.

After the shoot

About 10 days after the shoot I will email you a link to your private, password protected gallery where you’ll be able to see all the raw images from the shoot. There will usually be 50 images there. I will also upload 1 retouched image. This will give you an idea what the final images are going to look like after editing.

You will be able to choose images you’d like to purchase as either an album or in digital form. The album will be designed by us and delivered to you 3 weeks after your final approval of design. The edited files will be delivered to the same gallery within 2 weeks. All the images will be in high resolution, printable to at least A4. You can also purchase larger canvas prints or framed pictures from us if you choose.[/tatsu_text][/tatsu_column][/tatsu_row][tatsu_row layout= “1/1”][tatsu_column layout= “1/1”][tatsu_text max_width= “” wrap_alignment= “center” animation_type= “fadeIn”]

Boudoir pricing

  • Digital Images: High resolution, retouched images from the shoot available to download from your private online gallery.
  • Album: Black leather covered lay-flat photo album with all the images that you’ve chosen.

[/tatsu_text][/tatsu_column][/tatsu_row][tatsu_row layout= “1/2+1/2”][tatsu_column layout= “1/2”][tatsu_text max_width= “” wrap_alignment= “center” animation_type= “fadeIn”]$150 Session booking fee with 1 retouched image

10 Photos:

  • Digital Only: $400

15 Photos:

  • Digital Only: $575
  • Photo Album: $575
  • Photo Album plus Digital Files : $800

20 Photos:

  • Digital Only: $725
  • Photo Album: $725
  • Photo Album plus Digital Files : $950

Additional retouched images from the shoot – $30 an image

Canvas Wall Art start at $250 for 16″x12″

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